Monday, May 4, 2009

Welcome home, Jack

A tribute to a Titan of our time. Who stood tall against the winds of challenge - whether upon the field of sport or in the halls of policy. Many dream. Many dream to stand up as others fall and dare to be toppled. You stood, and fell, and rose again and again to stand again and again to be a fighter. A fighter for your team. Your team in sport and country.

Both found you to be a warrior who knew to fight meant to find courage to stand and then gather strength to rise again after being overpowered by the weight of the enemy. Our country now needs to look inside to find such a warrior. We as a country need to find the strength to rise again as you did, to be as you were - leader, a producer.

To stand in the light of the public eye is not the reward. The warmth from that light grows cold and silent. The warmth of righteousness fuels you to fight for lower taxes for the hard-working citizen. The warmth in knowing that after your gone your children will make the right choices for the right reasons to help others because your were a father to them as you knew you should. That fueled you. You knew your god as a friend. Not afraid or ashamed to be known as one you knew and loved his god. As is to be an American.

Welcome home old friend. Rest and know you did well. You stood tall, you worked hard. You led by example and conviction. You were a dedicated father for your children, a reliable producer for your teammates, and a strong voice for your constituents.

Thank you and well done old friend.
Welcome home.

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