Monday, January 5, 2009

Jan. 05, 2009 

TO: The Free Citizenry

FROM: The Ghost of Thomas Jefferson

RE.: Reflections of 2008 and Expectations of 2009 

Greetings my fellow Americans, Legal Permanent Residents, and Undocumented Immigrants. I am The Ghost of Thomas Jefferson.I was the third American elected to the Office of the Presidency, the Chief author of the Declaration of Independence, and the youngest member of the Continental Congress. My fellows recruited me primarily for my literary skills ( I could write well). Tommy Paine was also a fair writer. I must give him props for that “Common Sense” bit.

Need I digress, I couldn’t help but notice that in this last year or so our current President has turned around a terrible defeat into a victory at hand! Yet our press scolds him as a failure until his approval rating is so low only the current U.S. Congress can look up to it.

We depend on despots abroad who loath us for our energy when we could supply our own and export it abroad as their competitors. Our mercantile exchange platform (Stock Market) seems to be all a mess and our current leaders wish to answer this call by implementing a model of Social commerce like that to the failed governments of Russia and China. How then are our leaders leading, if they wish to follow a proven broken model?

And finally, I cannot ignore the acts of the citizenry itself. The populous seem to desire a fellow of the least experience for the grandest position in the most dire time. He is to lead the greatest Nation ever to exist on this globe by his personal resource as a “Community Organizer”, and protect us all by verbal prose and not bloodshed. I did some “Community Organizing” of my own in the 1700’s, and the verbal prose has no meaning without the willingness to engage in the bloodshed. But what do I know? I am just the ghost of one of those scared and bitter people who cling to their religion and guns.

Yours in the Afterlife,   

Thomas Jefferson

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